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Upcoming Registration Dates

Butler YMCA: Summer Session: Members: June 15-29, 2024 | Non-Members: June 19-29, 2024



Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA: Summer Session: Members: May 17, 2024 | Non-Members: May 20, 2024 (registration will remain open until one week prior to program start.)



Small Group Training takes all the elements of one-on-one Personal Training and puts them into practice within a group of 4-8 individuals. This is a great way to rally your friends (or gain some new ones) to get stronger together while still receiving individualized attention from a trainer, in addition to splitting the cost among the group!

Small Group Training not only saves you money, but also provides a supportive, energetic atmosphere to help you achieve your goals. 


Not all programs run on each program cycle. Please visit the registration page to view available programs.


  • ABOVE AND BEYOND: This small group training program will focus on flexibility, strength, and total body conditioning. Technique, form, and function will be a big part of this small group training.
  • BOYS GONE STRONG: NEW Small Group Training Class with a Personal Trainer. You will learn how to lift properly in a fun, safe and supportive group using various pieces of strength equipment including TRX, bungees, dumbbells, barbells, kettleballs and more. You will not only build muscle, but also self-esteem!
  • SPEED AND AGILITY PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Young athletes will be able to improve their explosiveness, acceleration, quick first step, reaction time and core strength throughout this training, no matter what sport you play. If you are looking for that competitive edge, this program will provide it.


  • A.O.A RIG TRAINING SENIOR STRENGTH & STABILITY: This class is designed to help older adults improve their strength, stability and balance in a safe and engaging environment. Utilizing the Queenax RIG and various suspension equipment, this small group, functional fitness class is great for those of diverse ability level hoping to stay active and fit with age.
  • BUTTS AND GUTS: Shape, sculpt, and strengthen your butt, thigh, back and core muscles in a targeted and high-energy workout.
  • CHOOSE TO LOSE: This class is for 18+ year olds currently overweight or trying to maintain weight includes all the latest weight loss research, educational classes led by a certified Personal Trainer, Registered Nutritionist, weigh-ins, pre and post assessments, weight loss education, 30 minute workout, group discussions, informational handouts and MOTIVATION!
  • COUPLES SOCIAL DANCING: Believe it or not, no one has ever been born with “two left feet”! Everyone can learn to dance well enough to enjoy themselves. Beginners will start with a slow dance (Fox Trot) and a faster rhythm dance (Swing). More experienced dancers enjoy practice time and individual coaching to include additional step patterns and more advanced dances!
  • DEFINED INTERVENTION: If you have been weight training for an extended period of time and feel the need to redefine your strength goals, this small group training is for you. Defined Intervention is for individuals looking to further increase strength and improve body composition. Guided by a Certified Personal Trainer, individuals will learn how to maneuver heavier loads and properly perform compound movements. Each week participants will complete a personalized and progressive plan based on their strength goals.
  • EXPRESS WORKOUT 8: This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) known as “Sprint Interval” is proven to increase performance in a short amount of time! Taught by a Personal Trainer, this program teaches how to effectively workout on the various cardio equipment available in the Cardio Wellness Center. Benefits of this class include reduced body fat, stronger heart, increased endurance, and improved strength.
  • STRIDE STRONG: This small group training session will engage your core and burn major calories utilizing the elliptical!
  • STRONG SENIORS: This strength training program is designed for ages 60+ and focuses on balance, stability, and strength.
  • TREAD & SHRED: Why go at it solo when you can hit the treadmill running with this class? Under the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer, participants will: Improve endurance and speed - Learn how to measure exertion levels to maximize calorie burn - Build aerobic base and anaerobic threshold - Increase strength, mobility and flexibility with runner specific exercises. A virtual option is also available! Using your own treadmill at home, this class can help improve your endurance and speed. This class also includes strength training with a core focus.
  • TRX EXPRESS: This 45 minute class will push you to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension Trainer and your own body weight. Be ready to feel the burn as you power through multiple sets of high tension loads.
  • UPPER BODY BURNOUT: Have you been weight training for an extended period of time and feel the need to redefine your strength goals? This small group training is for you! This strength training class of 4-8 participants is designed for individuals looking to further increase strength and improve body composition. Guided by a Certified Personal Trainer, participants will learn how tone and strengthen their upper body with light weights and higher reps.
  • WOW (WOMEN ON WEIGHTS): This strength training program for women includes a variety of exercise equipment for a full body workout with emphasis on core strength, flexibility, balance, and proper form.