Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Our Strategic Planning process began in January of 2017. We obtained feedback from community focus groups and created a Steering Committee comprised of members of our Board of Directors. With the feedback from focus groups, we began the process of putting together a three-year plan.

The Butler County Family YMCA, includes two branches – the Butler YMCA and Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA and a community park (YMCA Camp/ARMCO Park). In collaboration with the YMCA of the USA, we completed a Mission-Cost study – which helped us gain better understanding of our operating costs and will make us more efficient as an organization. 

Our Strategic Plan was approved recently by our Board of Directors. This document is meant to be fluid and may evolve as we regularly assess our progress in meeting our goals.

We are thankful to the community focus groups and those on our Board who helped to guide our planning process.

Click HERE to see our Strategic Plan.